Numbers Lie

As part of my journey to improving myself I have been working out regularly and changing my eating habits. One thing I had to tell myself constantly however was not to check the scale everyday and when I did, not to get discouraged if the number was not what I was expecting. It is easy to feel like you are not making improvements if your weight is all you use to measure your progress. Remember that muscle weighs more than fat, and if you happen to remain the same weight or even gain a few pounds that does not mean you are not shedding those inches!

The pictures featured were taken within a month of each other, BUT the difference in weight was only 6 pounds! In the first picture I weighed an even 160 lbs, and on the right came in at 154 and on top of that, lost an inch off my waist, arms, and thighs. While I am not quite where I want to be, this was definitely the encouragement I needed to keep going, and I hope it can give to you a little push as well. If the number on the scale ever gets you down, just remember NUMBERS LIE!

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1 thought on “Numbers Lie”

  1. This is so inspirational and brave! I know for me I have always had that insecurity about my body and discouraged when I wasn’t seeing the pounds melt away. Now, I see that with just a little dedication it can make a big difference.


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