Who is Karis Lindo?

My name is Karis Joyce Lindo, a twenty-two year old Marketing major at Howard University. I was born in DC, and raised just north of Atlanta.

Throughout my life I have been in search of betterment, in every sense of the word. Whether it be health, relationships, work-life balance, and simply enjoying each day as it comes, I have sought to find the equilibrium of existence. This has been a challenge for the most part, because life seems to get more crazy the moment you decide to take control of it. I have let obstacles hinder me in the past, but that is no longer how I choose to live.

With so much changing this year, from graduation to entering the real world and officially becoming an adult, I am challenging myself to improve my life by focusing on positivity and the power of an optimistic outlook. I will make more efforts to progress in my physical health, spiritual wellbeing, mental development and emotional connection with others. I will take you through every endeavor,successful or not, and hope that you share your journey with me as well.

They say your twenties are the best years of your life. Here’s to hoping!

Improving You At 22