Spring Cleaning

Because I will be moving soon, I think now is the right time to get rid of some items I have been hoarding over the years. I’ll admit I have boxes of clothes that have been sitting under my bed forever in the hopes that they will “come back in style”. The same goes for shoes and accessories. Over the next few weeks I want to sort though all my belongings and prioritize what needs to stay and what must go. I may have to call in a friend or two, to make sure I am staying on track but I know I can get it done. Plus it’s less painful if I look at it this way: The more I space I create in my closet, the more clothes I can buy to fill it up again! …Confessions of a shopaholic 🙂


Finish Strong!

With finals starting tomorrow, it is all hitting me that this will be the last official week of my undergraduate career. I don’t so much feel overwhelmed by the work that needs to be done, but by the fact that this is all really happening… I AM ABOUT TO GRADUATE! I want to make sure I am leaving with the best grades possible so I have got to stay focused and finish this last week strong!


Are You Getting Enough?

It’s easy to miss out on a good, full night’s sleep in college, but the difference an extra hour can make on your body is quite significant. Getting just the right amount of sleep can improve your health, mood, weight and more! Here are some reasons to sleep your way into a better life.



Surreal Scenes

This Wednesday I got to escape reality and step into Yayoi Kusama’s world of color and breathtaking sites in her Infinity Mirrors exhibit at The Smithsonian’s Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden. Below are some insane shots of my time in the rooms.


Apartment Hunting in the Big Apple

I’ve been searching online for some affordable apartments in NYC and thought I would reach out to you guys for advice on where and how to look. I have been using a site called and searching mainly in the West Harlem area. I’d love to keep my rent low but also have a separate bedroom, as opposed to a studio. Is this a realistic ask for a place still technically in Manhattan? Are there any other great websites I could be using to assist my search? What was it like when you first moved to the big city?


Getting to Graduation


I have a little over a month before I walk across the stage and enter the real world, yet I feel like there is so much to be done! I have yet to take graduation photos, send out announcements, or book a place to host my family for dinner afterwards. The thought of it all makes me a little anxious, and with the fact that I a still wrapping up classes I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed. Are there any pointers or tips that exist in the universe that could make this process a little easier? I would LOVE to hear about them!



You Don’t Always Have To Ask To Receive

With so many things to be grateful for and so many changes coming up, it is important for me to maintain a strong relationship with God. I pray each night, but one of the things I have been trying to do more of lately is saying thank you as opposed to asking for something. I have been blessed with so much in my life that I only want to show my gratitude to He who has given so much.


Drink More Water!

It sounds simple enough, but I have been really bad at sticking to this habit. It is so much easier for me to reach for a Coke or a Sprite when I am eating, especially when I am at a restaurant. In an effort to improve my life my choices, I am enforcing a rule that I drink ONLY water during the week. Friday through Sunday will be my “cheat days” but I am hoping this new routine will eliminate the temptation for soda and other options.